Limited Run: Mondo’s Modern Classic Mini-Doc

This year at San Diego Comic-Con, Machinima, a video entertainment network that focuses on video game reviews and news, has released a three part mini documentary focusing on the “renaissance in the poster art movement” that Mondo Tees has ushered in. Its a great profile of a company that loves cinema and the art of the movie poster.

Part 1: Highlights the formation of Mondo Tees and the subsequent shift towards movie posters. Interviews Drew Struzan (known for his artwork for the posters of Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Blade Runner, and so many more) on his process for creating the iconic poster for John Carpenter’s The Thing. And even gets John Carpenter on camera to talk about the process of choosing the Struzen’s artwork.

Part 2: Profiles Steve Horvath, the owner of H+L Printing Screenprinting and Mondo’s printer, speaks to the meticulous process that goes into printing each poster. Gives you a good sense of the attitude Mondo has towards the artwork they put out. (My favorite part of the series)

Part 3: Foces on the love of art and cinema, and how this relates to the movie poster. Also puts the fans of Mondo prints in the forefront and explains why these die-hard fans (I would put myself in this camp) keep coming back for more.

Mondo Tees: A group associated with the Alamo Drafthouse that produces limited edition screen-printed movie posters by contemporary artists. Links – and a complete archive of Mondo’s work –

Machinima: Here is to hoping that this series is a sign of more good things to come!

Drew Struzen: An incredible artist that has tons of examples of other movies of which he has done the art. (Many of which you are sure to recognize) –

Mondo’s new release of Drew Struzen’s artwork from the initial poster release.


In response to fans who have had trouble getting their hand on a Mondo print, this week, instead of releasing another limited edition of a poster that is sure to sell out in seconds, they are releasing a The Dark Knight Rises print that will be available to order for an entire day, starting at 12:01 a.m. CST on Wednesday, July 18. The print by Olly Moss harps back to Batman: The Animated Series, which ran in the early 90s. While I think the print is a tad on the bland side, it should be a great chance for everyone who has felt that sting of a poster selling out without a chance to get one because you didn’t check your twitter feed for the essential five minutes. (can you hear the bitterness?)

By Olly Moss, Edition of TBD

Link to purchase this print when it becomes available:


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