Currently a student at the University of Arizona, this blog covers my thoughts on cinema and television. Primarily a sounding board for reactions to new releases, cinematic classics (cult or otherwise), and the best that television has to offer, I don’t expect anyone to take interest in this tiny island in a sea of amateur movie blogs, but if you find your way here, feel free to add to the discussion. If you think my criticism is dim-witted, drop some knowledge on me.

In addition to film/television criticism, I have a love and appreciation for the art of the movie poster and artist’s re-imagining of movie posters. This blog will share posters that I stumble upon that I find interesting.

Living in Tucson, Arizona, I have great access to an awesome art house called The Loft Cinema. Located on 3233 East Speedway Boulevard, if you are ever in Tucson the Loft is a must stop. I will hopefully be providing information about special showings as well as reviewing the independent films that pass through.

Twitter – @Life_Not_Film

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/picinmotion

Email – sbstep@email.arizona.edu

Although for some people cinema means something superficial and glamorous, it is something else. I think it is the mirror of the world.                                                                                                                                                 – Jeanne Moreau



  1. I like what I’ve seen thus far. And hey, no better time to a Director Dissection of Christopher Nolan than right now! Also like your focus on movie posters. I have quite a few hanging up in my apartment; they’re fun to collect. Two of my faves from last year were the ones for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Martha Marcy May Marlene.

    1. S. Stephens · · Reply

      Thanks man, I appreciate it. I liked both of those poster, two examples of current posters that weren’t absolutely boring. Recently, although the movie was awful, the Mondo print for John Carter was really great. http://cdn.screenrant.com/wp-content/uploads/john-carter-mondo-poster-280×420.jpg

  2. I finally made my way here. I need to explore a bit and then will leave a more interesting comment. One thing I will say about television – I almost never watch it, but lately have been enjoying the first season of the BBC Sherlock Holmes. I am struck by how much better the British seem to be at television compared to contemporary U.S. fare.

    1. S. Stephens · · Reply

      While a lot of television is quite dreadful there have been a few highlights from american television recently. Mad Men, Justified, The Wire, Arrested Development, and Parks and Recreation are some of my favorites. But if you haven’t seen the british shows, Extras, Peep Show, Luther, or Spaced, I would say you should check these out.

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