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Director Dissection: Christopher Nolan – Insomnia (2002)

Director Dissection is a series of posts highlighting a specific director with the intention of reviewing all of their directorial efforts, while hopefully gaining a better understanding of their work as a whole and showcasing their lesser known films. Christopher Nolan, a favorite of mine, is the first in the series and my goal is to get through […]

Queued Up #2: X-Men: First Class (2011)

Queued Up blog posts are movie reviews of films that I watch through Netflix DVD Home Delivery or on Netflix Watch Instantly. X-Men: First Class is available through Netflix DVD Home Delivery. ****This post includes spoilers for X-Men: First Class (Including Images). I couldn’t adequately justify my response to this film without revealing story that may ruin some of the surprise. Major Spoilers in second half of […]